Qualifications & Certificates

Qualifications I have in Hair & Make-Up:

 I successfully completed a Make-Up Artist course in July 2009. Since finding a love for make-up I have continued to increase my skills and qualifications.

I went on to complete a fashion and photographic make-up in 2010.  Why is this important?

Well, there are some products you can use for a photo shoot that you can't use for a wedding and vice versa. There are also lighting techniques a photographer may choose to use that can change how the make-up looks. There various other reasons why, too many to list but if you want to work on photo shoots, unless you have gained the knowledge through studying, you cannot know which products to use and which to avoid.

I also decided I wanted to be able to offer hair services so went on to complete different qualifications in hairdressing. Please take a look at the certificates I hold. 



I'm also a qualified skin camouflage practioner. I covered this within my training but I also trained with changing faces  a charity I volunteer for where I teach people how to use camouflage products to make scars, birthmarks, vitiligo and other skin conditions less noticable.